Chris Brisson's Improve Your Credit Rating Part 2

I told you about the website the
credit repair industry hopes we never see.

Here it is:
37 Days To Clean Credit

Rumors are flying about industry big wigs
trying to get my website shut down.

Why are they trying to ban it?

I think it's because we're (finally) getting
exposed to the credit repair secrets they've
been hiding all along.

It's all right here in black and white and
chock full o' proof!
The credit repair industry wants to keep this
from us. But that's too bad for them.

People like you and me deserve this information.
And if the credit repair industry wants to ban
my site, that PROVES that these secrets are the
real deal. (Why else would they want to keep this
information from us?)

Anyway - here's the website that everyone's talking
about. I'm the "good guy."

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